Minute Cut
we hand edit your vacation footage into a shareable 1 minute video
92% of vacation footage is never shared
We just made that stat up, but really most vacation footage is never shared with friends or family. You want to show them your trip, but you don't want to bore them with 37 hours of you walking through a food court. We'll edit your vacation footage for you into a crisp & clean 1 minute video.
We take hours of your vacation footage and craft it into a shareable
one minute video that you can show to your friends.
We save you hours of frustration by doing the editing for you so that you can focus on what really matters after a vacation: Getting back to work
Made by Minute Cut:
Too many videos, no time to edit, but I still want to savor all of it! Thanks for saving my butt. You're the best MinuteCut!
Founder of GoAbroadUSA.com
Bean Inmi
My entire experience using Minute Cuts was an absolute pleasure. I sent them several dozen videos from my fiance's vacation to Thailand. The finished product was amazing, especially considering I gave them no direction. I would recommend Minute Cuts for anyone looking to consolidate video footage of their vacations.
Good Fiance
Mitch Tabian
If you didn't know you could look better than Victoria’s Secret Models, take your camera with you, go out, have some fun and collect some random footages, give it to MinuteCut. BOOM!!! Dope transitions and catchy beats, now you know you can be a model your own way any day of the week. 
Owner of Golden Sands Bikini
Trish Nguyen
Minute Cuts never expire and can be given as gifts
The Who
We're business owners who didn't have enough time to edit our own vacation videos.
Minute Cut was founded by Anthony Cofrancesco and Matt Tran, who both own online businesses. Anthony co-owns Virtuous Graphics, an Amazon product photography business, and Matt owns Engineered Truth, a career YouTube channel with over 30 million views, and Remotise, a remote work job board. 

Between the 3 companies that Matt and Anthony own, they manage over 30 creative artists including video editors, photographers, and graphic designers.  Matt and Anthony live in the Philippines where they directly manage the team, all of which are paid well above market rate salaries.

The Why
We realized our friends and family were taking beautiful footage from their trips, but weren't sharing them.
While on vacation, Anthony's family bonded over taking drone shots of a scenic beach in Florida. Anthony realized that his family never shares their footage because they don't know how to edit videos, and didn't want to take hours learning how to do it.

That's when he called Matt to get his thoughts on creating a business that helped people shared their memories.

'It's the perfect idea since we both already manage teams in the Philippines that edit videos' - Matt. 

They founded Minute Cut to help save you hours of tedious editing so that you can get the result that you want: a shareable video that you can show your family and friends.
Founders Anthony (Left) and Matt  (right)
The Team

We manage our team in person in the Philippines. We've created an environment where our employees love to work. They know that they're not just editing a video, they're making a masterpiece for you to cherish forever.
How long will it take to get my video?
Expect a 5 day turn around time, but our editors will work hard to get your order to you earlier
Do I get any revisions?
We give all our customers one revision to ensure customer satisfaction
Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes! we  have a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with your order. We will ask you for feedback to see what we could do better to improve our service
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  • We take your raw vacation footage and turn it into a 1 min video
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